The first time I remember being emotionally moved by photography was at an exhibit of the works of W. Eugene Smith, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I was amazed by his ability to not only tell a story through a photograph, but also capture emotions and feelings. While looking at one of his photo essays entitled “Country Doctor”, I felt like I was literally transported into the subject, and could actually see what they saw and feel what they felt.
I love animals, and have always loved zoos. I can stand at a single animal’s exhibit for hours. I started out trying to capture some of these moments in photographs.  But when I looked at my pictures, I found that they captured a moment in time, but not the animal itself.
Eventually, as I read & learned more about some of the animals I was trying to photograph, I began to actually truly see the animals, which I had been watching. Since then I have tried to photograph subjects that not only tell a story, but in a way that tries to create a feeling, not just a picture.
I am just beginning my journey as a photographer. I know I will never be a W. Eugene Smith, but if any of my photographs make you smile, or laugh, or just feel, then I have accomplished something.
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